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LTL is a NVLAP(NVLAP LAB CODE 200960-0) accredited laboratory, also recognized by US DOE, EPA, NEEP and CEC for various performance testing program like Lighting Facts, Energy Star, DesignLight Consortium and CEC. We provide our clients one-stop-shopping quality through our leading international expertise, and state of the art product testing facilities.

We support the SSL and LED industry in following area:
• General Testing of LED Arrays, LED Modules, Lamps, Luminaires and Lighting Systems.
• General Testing of Lighting parts and components
• International Approval and Global Market Entrance Solutions
• Product Improvement and Engineering Excellence Solutions
• Quality Assurance and Sourcing Excellence Solutions

We support companies from basic research such as LED module performance through pre-compliance testing and fully accredited testing in conjunction with our certification partners like UL, Intertek, TUVs and NEMKO to international standards and performance schemes such as Lighting Facts, DLC (DesignLight Consortium), CEC, Energy Star, Lighting Facts, EcoDesign, Energy Labeling, and safety schemes like ENEC, CE, GS and UL/ETL Marks.

We work with our clients from R&D to full compliance tests, this allows our clients to focus on their critical business activities, design and systems manufacturing, while we ensure that the test requirements, accreditation to industry standards and time to revenue are met.

LTL can provide LM-79 reports for:

Lighting Facts Energy Star DesignLight Consortium California Energy Commission

The standard test report includes:
• Luminaire Efficacy
• Zonal Lumen Density
• Visible spectral power distribution
• Chromaticity coordinates
• Various electrical measurements
• IES file
• Color Spatial Uniformity

The accreditations and recognitions for LTL:

DOE, Lighting Facts

NVLAP(NVLAP LAB CODE 200960-0) Accreditation

EPA, Energy Star
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Leading Testing Laboratories(LTL), is the testing platform of LTL Group in U.S., is an expert of comprehensive solutions provider, provides marketing compliance, quality management, standardization, lab testing, product inspection, factory audits, certification and advisory services.
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